Containerizing Monolith Apps Using Docker

If you are a software engineer and not working in some tech backwaters, you must have heard the latest buzz words - containers, micro services, Docker, cloud native apps etc. - all of which essentially points to containerizing your software applications and the benefits you reap from doing so. Containers are all about efficiency - doing more with less. Most of the time your app is using only <~25% (probably even less) of the platform it’s running on, the other ~75% is a waste; unnecessary fat. Don’t believe me? here’s the data-

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Migrating from MySQL to Redis

Debates on using relational DBs vs KV Stores apart, In this post, I’d like to share how can you migrate all your data from a MySQL table to Redis - a super fast key-value store; leaving the decision of whether migration is good/bad for your environment up to YOU.

In this tutorial, I have mapped my mysql attributes to a Redis hash map data type with my primary key as a hash key using HMSET, which is one of the commands Redis provides to create redis hashes.

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